What is Delaware Ohio Famous For? A Comprehensive Guide

Delaware, Ohio is a city with a rich and vibrant history, and plenty of attractions to explore. Located in central Ohio, Delaware County was formed in 1808 from land taken from Franklin County. The city of Delaware was established as the county seat and has since produced numerous well-known political figures, including Rutherford B. Hayes, the nineteenth president of the United States.

Delaware is home to Ohio Wesleyan University, one of five Ohio colleges and one of many liberal arts universities in the United States with decreasing enrollment. The city is also renowned for The Little Brown Jug, an internationally acclaimed harness race that is part of the Triple Crown of harness racing for the Pacers. In the modern era, residential and industrial development has flourished due to its proximity to Columbus and historic periods of growth and prosperity. The city's history is carefully preserved in its many 19th century buildings and houses, its comfortable scale and the “hometown” pace of life. Methodists founded Ohio Wesleyan University in 1842, making Delaware a destination for scholars.

Ohio Wesleyan offers live music, theater and dance shows. Local businesses began to really thrive in 1851 when a railroad connected Delaware to Columbus and Cleveland. Long before the city of Delaware was created, the Mingo and Shawnee indigenous tribes lived in the area and settlements were established where the future city would develop. When mentioning renters, it's important to note that Delaware is home to Ohio Wesleyan University, and many of its students are likely to rent without having a very high income. In addition to The Little Brown Jug, Delaware also has a beautiful downtown area, pristine parks, quirky local businesses, and more. The visitors who signed the guestbook at the Destination Delaware County Ohio welcome center came from Ohio and 16 other states.

The city invested in a streetcar system and intercity lines carried residents to Columbus and Cleveland, making Delaware an even more prosperous and attractive place to live. Whether you're treating yourself to historic downtown Delaware or just outside, the restaurants here will have your belly happy in no time. Getting to Delaware is easy as it's just 37 miles from John Glenn International Airport, making it one of the top Central Ohio destinations to explore over the weekend.