Exploring the Rich History of Delaware, Ohio

Delaware, Ohio is a small city with a wealth of history and culture to explore. From the Chief Leatherlips Memorial to the Meeker Homestead Museum, there are plenty of historical sites and monuments to discover. The oldest building and monument in Delaware is the Ryves Holt House, built in 1665. This house is located in the historic seaside town of Lewes and survived Lord Baltimore's incursion into the city. The Leatherlips Monument is located 10 miles south of Delaware in Dublin.

This impressive sphinx-shaped sculpture pays tribute to Chief Shateyaronyah, leader of the Wyandot people. The 12-foot-tall limestone sculpture was commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council and inaugurated in 1990. It features a silhouette of Shateyaronyah with her hair tied back and retreating to the side of the hill. The Meeker Homestead Museum is housed in a house built in 1823 and located at 2690 Stratford Road.

This museum provides an excellent educational experience about the country's first settlements of Ohio. Visitors can also explore a 19th century Millworker cottage to get a glimpse into the past. The idea for a national park in Delaware was first proposed in the 1990s by a group of local historians and conservationists concerned about the loss of historic sites and monuments in the state. The museum hosts a variety of exhibitions, conferences, and special events throughout the year, and continues to serve as a center for arts education and cultural enrichment in Delaware. The Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, Delaware Museum of Art, and Hagley Museum are some of the most popular historic monuments in Delaware. During their stay in Delaware, Lightship Overfalls marked the entrance to Delaware Bay and warned ships of the presence of dangerous sandbanks off the coast. Delaware has numerous historic monuments that are worth exploring.

From Chief Leatherlips Memorial to Meeker Homestead Museum, visitors can immerse themselves in history and beauty at each location. Whether you're looking for an educational experience or just want to take a day trip, Delaware has something for everyone.