Discover the Annual Events and Festivals for Kids in Delaware, Ohio

Delaware, Ohio is a great destination for families looking to have fun and explore. Every year, the city hosts a variety of exciting events and festivals that are perfect for children. In September, the Delaware County Fair takes center stage with its thrilling parades, rides, and the world-famous harness race. Tickets for the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival events in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, range from approximately.

This festival is dedicated to educating the public and empowering talented filmmakers to tell their stories. The Delaware County Fair is an ideal way to spend quality time with your family. You can enjoy the parades, rides, and other attractions. There are also plenty of food vendors offering delicious treats. The fair also features a variety of competitions such as livestock shows, tractor pulls, and more.

The harness race is one of the most popular events at the fair and draws large crowds every year. The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is another great event for families to attend. This festival showcases documentaries from around the world and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to share their stories with the public. Tickets range from approximately and there are plenty of activities for children to enjoy. Delaware, Ohio is a great place for families to explore and have fun. From the Delaware County Fair to the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, there are plenty of annual events and festivals that are perfect for kids.