Exploring Historical Sites and Monuments for Kids in Delaware, Ohio

Delaware, Ohio is a great destination for families looking to explore the area's rich history with their kids. From the impressive Chief Leatherlips Memorial to the Forrest Meeker House, there are plenty of monuments and sites to visit that will help children learn about the area's past. Start your journey at the Chief Leatherlips Memorial, located 10 miles south in Dublin. This 12-foot-tall limestone sculpture pays tribute to Chief Shateyaronyah, leader of the Wyandot people.

The first European settlers gave him the affectionate name of Leatherlips due to his commitment to keeping his promises. The monument was commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council and was inaugurated in 1990. It features a silhouette of Shateyaronyah with her hair tied back and retreating to the side of the hill. Next, head to the McCook House, home of Daniel McCook and now a museum honoring the Ohio family known as the “fighting McCooks” of the Civil War.

The house is located in Muskingum River's wide floodplain, where American Indians attacked colonists in 1791, marking the beginning of four years of war in Ohio. The Forrest Meeker House is one of the oldest in Delaware County, built in 1823. It is an important historic home that visitors can explore. Another must-see is the 1807 home of Thomas Worthington, the sixth governor of Ohio and one of the first United States senators from Ohio. Delaware, Ohio has plenty of historical sites and monuments for children to discover and learn about its past. From Chief Leatherlips Memorial to Thomas Worthington's home, there are many places to explore and uncover stories from long ago.